Baby Betty's Birth Story + Video Link

Friends, our sweet Elisabeth "Betty" Renee Park arrived Monday, January 9th, a day before her papa's 30th birthday! I had an unexpected, sans epidural delivery and loved it so much I wanted to share about it below. For those who don't want to read the labor details, check out the above video that my awesome brother made welcoming baby Betty! (Thank you Serro, you captured everything perfectly!!)

Here is a timeline of my day:

1:00pm -- Eddie came home for lunch and we made reservations for an early birthday dinner that night, which we never made. I was feeling relatively painless contractions (3 out of 10 -- pain scale).

2:30pm -- I texted my girlfriends to let them know that I was having contractions and that I may deliver soon. I also told them I was freaking out about delivering soon!

3:30pm -- Contractions were very regular, every couple minutes (5 out of 10 -- pain scale).

4:30pm -- Out of nowhere the pain level was at an 8 or 9! I called Eddie who was thankfully around the corner and told him we had to leave, NOW!

5:00pm -- My parents picked up Haddon from our home and we rushed to the hospital. When we arrived they didn't check us into a labor/delivery room and I was so upset, because I knew I was definitely in labor. A nurse finally joined us and told us I was 9-10cm dilated and frantically gurney-ed us over to a delivery room. I knew that meant I probably wasn't going to get my epidural but I was hopeful as the nurses kept saying it was "on its way."

A couple contractions later, I let my midwife know I really felt the urge to push. There was a moment of horror when I realized I was going to deliver the baby without an epidural. With a couple ridiculously loud (I mean super, scary loud) screams, out came baby! You have no idea the physical relief I felt after she was born -- like the best feeling EVER!!

They put baby Betty on me right away and didn't cut her umbilical cord which was exactly what Eddie and I had talked about (thank goodness, cause I didn't write up a birth plan). I then asked if I could keep my placenta -- yay to being a hippy! -- and they left us alone to enjoy our first moments with baby Betty.

There were so many differences from our first delivery that were unexpected but I would 100% do it again, sans med!! The greatest feeling for me was the mental clarity that I had after delivery. I remember feeling so groggy after giving birth to Haddon, so being able to be fully present with Betty was a huge blessing!

For all my mama friends about to deliver soon, I'm going to put another post up with items we packed for the hospital, what I would have packed in hindsight and a mini birth plan for those who want to use it! Stay tuned!!!

Video by Serro Park, Photos by Jamie Chung

Eunice Park